About Orez Lifestyle

Orez Lifestyle is your trusted advisor for navigating the wide (and wild) world of wellness. Since our launch in 2014, we have set the standard for reporting and trend-spotting on the healthy living beat in order to help define and demystify what it means for you to live a well life, inside and out.

Our Purpose

Well-Being Is Your Right

Sitting at the cross-section of trends, service, and evidence-based journalism, Orez Lifestyle works to inform, empower, and educate communities and individuals in the many ways your day-to-day impacts your ability to live well. We believe that wellness and health should be attainable for all, while working to challenge the systems and barriers that prevent that from becoming a reality for many. Your well-being is a birthright. Wellness is how you get there.

Diverse Perspectives

Orez Lifestyle aims to be a meaningfully diverse, inclusive, and welcoming space for all people—on our team and in our community. We seek to do this by further diversifying our contributor and talent pool, speaking with expert sources of varying backgrounds and abilities within our content, integrating in our corporate hiring practices, and more.

Ongoing Education

Anti-racism work is lifelong, and we’re in it for the long haul. We’re committed to making relevant and specific training, in addition to corporate training, available to all team members while continually evaluating our content (both new and our archives) to ensure it meets evolving brand standards as we learn.

Beauty is about individuality. It’s about expression. It’s about making you feel more like you. And at Orez Lifestyle, we believe that it’s for everyone. With expert-led, scientific-backed reports; tried-and-tested product reviews; and culturally relevant thought pieces, we’re here to broaden and expand the definition of beauty so that everyone feels called to try, test, play.