Pebble on a Rope

Pebble on a Rope


This 155g pebble soap is ergonomic and practical with its rope to hang everywhere. Handmade in Marseille, France and it is vegan.

The white pebble is infused with essential oil of tea tree, white clay and Macademia oil.

The Black pebble is enriched with Active Charcoal, gurjum essential oil and Organic Argan oil.

The Exfoliating flowers of Lavender is enriched with essential oil of lavender, wheat germ oil and white clay.

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The white pebble is infused with essential oil of tea tree. It is recognized for its purifying and sanitizing actions, it is particularly recommended for problem skin and acne. The white clay is also purifying and very soap for the skin. Macadamia oil is highly perpetrating, softening and nourishing the skin to. soothe and repair it.

The activated plant charcoal is the ultimate detox treatment; it is highly purifying and absorbent; recommended for skin subjected to pollution, stress or acne. The essential oil of gurjum is known for its disinfectant action. Organic organ oil is rich in antioxidants, it nourished, tones and softens the skin in addition to protecting and repairing external aggressions such as cold and wind.

The Lavender exfoliating soap is infused with essential oil of lavender and flowers of lavender, enriched with wheat germ oil and white clay. it will gently exfoliate your skin while relaxing and soothing. The white clay is purifying and very gentle of the skin. Wheat germ oil is rich and nourishing, in addition to being regenerating and protective for the skin.