At orez, we believe that Conscious Living leads to a more authentic, beautiful and rewarding life.  The idea of a conscious lifestyle formed when orez Founders Ana Pincus and Ramona Barnes began to pursue a zero waste lifestyle for their respective families. In the process, they learned that zero waste is an ideal, the path to which creates an elevated mindfulness and simple elegance. The name orez is zero written backwards. An orez lifestyle is a non-judgmental path toward zero waste and stylish minimalism; it not only reduces consumption but also promotes the healthy use of one's time, energy and direction. Since adopting conscious living, Ana and Ramona feel more fulfillment and more joy, both within themselves and in the world.  They created orez to share and inspire beauty and purpose in everyday living.  By choosing Voluntary Simplicity, you are not only freeing yourself from mindless purchasing; you are also helping to positively impact the World while creating true alignment with your authentic self.